Hello world!

Okay, this is my first ever blog and I have no clue what I’m doing. So I’m just going to jump into it. I plan to cover books, anything I’m studying, and generally whatever else in life needs discussion. I would like to thank/blame my friend Jay (http://bibliophilica.wordpress.com/) because he was the one to suggest it. Today, I have what I have dubbed “Baby Robin Drama”. It started out so innocently…

I rent a duplex in a little town in Indiana. There is a tree right by the window in the room I have dubbed the office. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a nest outside and saw a robin sitting in there. As time went by, the babies were born!! There were what I thought three but turns out four.

Well, after being at my parents’ house this weekend, I noticed the nest was slightly askew. Nothing to be alarmed about but decided to keep a careful watch out. Last night, I came home early from a soccer game (I’m the coach) because we had a terrible storm. Now the nest is on its side. So I started freaking out. I called my friend Jay, who is a bird aficionado of sorts, to figure out if I could right the nest. It’s about this time I notice only two babies in the nest and just as I notice this, they both fall out. My freak out level went sky high. So I ran outside and tried to right the nest to no avail. Then I went and got two box lids from my move and wedged them in the tree and moved the nest down right below where it was, all the while wearing gloves and praying that the parents wouldn’t peck me to death.

Let me take a break and explain my fear of birds. If you are familiar with the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “The Birds”, this might make sense. When I was somewhere between the ages of 6 & 7, I managed to convince my parents this was a movie I must see. I’m not sure why but I feel like my logic was something along the lines of “How bad can a movie about birds be?”. After promising up and down I wouldn’t watch the bad parts and that I would NOT have nightmares, they gave in. I was clearly mistaken because whenever I see a large group of birds (including but not limited to blackbirds (especially), geese, ducks, sparrows, etc), I freak out. Mind you, I’m now 34 and I still do it. So for me to take my life into my own hands and try to take care of these birds seems like an achievement of sorts.

Well, the storms blew through last night. I woke up to find that one of the two remaining had not survived. I couldn’t find the other one and the papa robin is going crazy. I came home at lunch and finally found the last remaining robin. Just so you know, baby robins have a 25% survival rate past the first year. Here’s my 25%. The papa robin started dive-bombing me as soon as I tried to move it back to the nest so of course, I ran. I figured this isn’t a problem, the baby is close to the tree and the father is just protecting it. I googled “baby robins” later and found out this is what the father does when he’s ready to teach the baby to fly and hunt.

Came home from work tonight and the baby is now in the front yard. Again, wouldn’t be a problem except I have someone come mow my lawn once a week and Wednesday’s the day. I should be studying mind you but instead, I go to Meijer (my favorite store ever!) and find a little fence to put around him. I was able to put that around him without interference from the dad and the dad actually has gone in through the openings to feed baby R. So I’ll call the lawn guy tomorrow (who is going to think I’m absolutely crazy and I’m not sure he’s wrong) and explain why he can’t mow near the house nor near the fenced-in portion. It’s supposed to storm like crazy tomorrow (of course it is, I have soccer) so I’m thinking I’ll cover the top somehow to keep baby R dry. I swear, I’m at my wits end over a bird and I should have my head examined…


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