Ahhh…yeah, about that…

So this morning, I checked on baby R and he was fine. But when I came home at lunch, he was not in his pen. I searched but couldn’t find him and the dad was nowhere to be found so I decided to be optimistic and think they were finally off together. No lawn mower man today either. I came home after work and before soccer and searched again but didn’t find either one of them. Still feeling optimistic. As I’m walking out the door to the garage, I glanced out the kitchen window and there’s a robin in the backyard. It’s too far away for me to tell if it’s the dad or not. So now I’m slightly concerned. But I had to go to the game (knowing now what I know, I might have been better off at home but whatever, we don’t have to face that team again unless both games next week get rained out). I come home from the game, sit down to eat dinner, and dad robin is back out front. Great. Screeching like his tail feathers are on fire. Fantastic.

I complete a thorough search and I finally found baby R! My neighbors definitely think I’m crazy as I’m hunched over poring over what looks like just grass to anyone else all the while talking to the dad (he can hear me and I’m pretty sure he gets the gist of what I’m saying). Problem is, baby R. is now out in the grass again. So operation relocate baby R will have to move to the next stage. I can move him at night so now I just have to wait until it gets dark. And there’s no way the lawn mower guy won’t be here tomorrow.

On an entirely unrelated note, I am obsessed and I mean obsessed, with J.D. Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey”. The only problem is I also think this book is irritating. Obviously, I’m an idiot because the theme or themes is/are so above my intelligence but for whatever reason, I love this book anyway. Definitely worth checking out. I have to boycott books, movies, and video games for a while in the pursuit of bank-related education but I’m already looking forward to the day when I can get back to normal or a version of it.


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Bank auditor by day, trivia and knowledge hound all other times.
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