And good day to you…

Well, I got baby R moved and I could tell he was on his way to flying by how strongly he battered me with its wings while moving him to what I like to think is a very nice safe haven. Dad had no objections. The lawn mower guy came and baby R was right where I left him. Probably somewhat emotionally traumatized but physically whole. And that’s the last I’ve seen of them. Since he was at the beginning stages of flying, I feel fairly confident that they went off into the world making it a little brighter.

A couple of weeks/months ago, I came to the realization that internal auditors, while perceived as having enormous power, don’t actually have much power at all. This works well for me but probably not for most (and I’m definitely generalizing – I know several auditors who aren’t on a power trip). I can’t fire anyone myself. I can’t give them a bad review other than to say “Hey, yeah, this process isn’t working and here’s what I suggest we do with that”. I can’t make policy, I can only shape it. Then I wondered “what’s the point?”. Oh, I love numbers and working with different people every day, that’s the point. Although, after all this business with Baby R,  I’m thinking a job with the Department of Natural Resources might not be so bad…


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Bank auditor by day, trivia and knowledge hound all other times.
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2 Responses to And good day to you…

  1. stentorpub says:

    Good for baby Robin! I guess – with your help – the 25% statistic is proven again! 🙂

    I could call ‘nature girl’ for you and see if she has any contacts at the DNR …

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