My Bookshelf Debacle

You may have gleaned from my previous posts that I have something I like to call my “bookshelf system”. Prior to my “big” move (all of 70 miles away from my previous location), I started packing up my books. I realized that there were some books I had that I would never darken the pages of again so I commenced with what I call the “Great Book Purge of 2009”.  I basically sorted out the books I wanted to keep because I hadn’t read them yet or because I read them and wanted to keep them (I love them like Harry Potter and Band of Brothers or because they are great reference books to go back to every once and awhile) from the books I read and basically had no impact whatsoever on my life or I truly hated. These latter books were carted off to Half-Price Books to sell to them so I could move fewer books. This plan somewhat backfired since I’ve never left a bookstore without a book (or usually 8 as an average) but I was able to consolidate everything to one bookshelf.

I moved 3 bookshelves (the 5 shelf kind none-the-less) up here and bought two more 5-shelf bookshelves. Three of these are used to store collectibles (what can I say – I LOVE Star Wars) and the other two I used for books. It was a wonderful yet disturbing sight that not each bookshelf was crammed with books.

This is when I instituted my “bookshelf rating system”. Books I had read would go on one bookshelf and the other would be used to store books to be read. I even went so far as to put the “read” bookshelf in order: the ones I loved and can’t imagine my life without went on the top shelf (slightly above eye-level and less bending to search) and books I liked or used as reference would go on the bottom shelf as I usually only glance at those or lend them out to friends to read. This isn’t the most organized system I realize but it’s been working until…

Awhile back, a friend suggested keeping my books to be read on This seemed simple enough and I joined somewhat eagerly and apprehensively because who knows how these things can spiral out of control? I added a couple of books and forgot about it for a bit…

Tonight I decided to add the first two bookshelves on my “to-be-read” bookshelf onto I started weeding out true books versus reference books like “World War II Bookshelf: The Top 50 Must-Read Books” and moving the reference books to the “read” bookshelf. Uh-oh…

I’m not sure how I missed it but apparently, my “to-be-read” bookshelf was overflowing. Now my “read” bookshelf looks like it can’t hold the weight I’ve added to it. I’m not a stack a book on top of perfectly lined books or stack books on the floor type of person. I like some order and method to my madness. So a third and possibly fourth bookshelf will have to be added (and room found for both).

Does anyone else have this problem? You thought you had your book addiction/craze handled only to find out it has spiralled out control in some crazy fashion and wonder “When and how on earth did this happen”?

The sad part is, looking at the books I added to tonight, I feel like I’m still so woefully short on military history books (I can’t seem to ever have enough). I’m hoping I can finish updating by the end of this month (:)) and when I do, I’ll add a link to that so you can see what I have (although this list will always be incomplete – how can I ever list every single book I’ve ever read?!) and have not read. I would love, LOVE suggestions on how to make my collection more complete (even if it means adding more bookshelves!).


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