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Hello! I’ve been absent for way too long. I’ve hemmed and hawed about whether to continue the blog because I’ve been so crazy busy with work and volunteering, I barely have time to read a book let alone blog about it. But I recently switched jobs so now while my travel as increased, at least it’s by plane instead of driving and I recently purchased a Nook Color so now some of my time has come back.

So my new committment is to update this blog every other week so there is some consistency to rely upon. I’ll be posting on Thursdays unless I’m traveling and even then, I should hopefully be able to log on and at least update if I’m unable to post and when to look for the next one. So let’s get reacquainted!

The last post asked for suggestions about which war I should focus on – Dave suggested the Crimean War so I started researching that a bit when I tripped over a website I found absolutely inspiring. This website, http://conflicthistory.com/#/period/1512-1517, shows via Google Maps, all the conflicts. It seems to go as far back as 4000 B.C. to current day (although, there doesn’t seem to be any conflicts in 4000 B.C. but I did find one in the B.C. period). I have found this website very helpful and informative so peruse at your leisure and let me know what you think.

I thought a good place to start is the “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu since there seems to be some consensus that modern-day warfare strategies have been heavily influenced by Tzu’s theories. I’m reading Ralph D. Sawyer’s translation but would be interested if anyone else has read this book and if so, which translation was read and your thoughts on this book.

I did finally finish “The Pacific War: The Strategy, Politics, and Players that Won the War” by William B. Hopkins. This book is a great introduction to Pacific campaign in WWII. Hopkins is a veteran of that war in the Pacific but wrote this after completing much research many years after the war’s conclusion so I thought that added an interesting perspective. He doesn’t go into great detail about most of the battles but really lays out for the reader the bigger picture about what else was going on politically that influenced the battles as well and I thought that was well done. I would highly recommend this book for anyone else out there who really has no foundation of knowledge of the Pacific campaign of WWII like me because this book was an excellent place to start.

Finally, I notice a couple of weeks ago on Twitter that there is a feed out there providing updates on what was taking place at this time on this day in WWII in 1940. It’s @RealTimeWWII and I find it pretty interesting to see their tweets. It turns out there is a part of the European campaign that I was not very familiar with that deals with the Russians and the Finnish. They apparently have a Facebook page also but I haven’t looked into that so if you have, let me know what you think.

Thanks for sticking it out with me and I hope you have a terrific Thursday!


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