Factual Friday

Howitzer Howitzer

Welcome to another installment of Factual Friday. While reading “Price of Glory: Verdun 1916” by Alistair Horne, I came across quite a few references of the various howitzers and artillery used during World War I. Some of these had very similar names to other references of artillery in other books I’ve read so I was curious: was there a place other than Wikipedia that I could get some more detailed information? And I found a place!

Olive-drab (http://olive-drab.com/index.php) has a host of information covering not just artillery, but also vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and more. It even has a section on rations! I found a ton of information on this site regarding the various artillery weapons used to help me better differentiate between the plethora of references to artillery in all the books.

So less factual, more informational Friday. What websites or research sources would you recommend?


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