Factual Friday


I’m posting the Factual Friday topic early as I’m traveling on Friday. In honor of President’s Day this week, I started to think about the Presidents that have served in the military. Of the 43 who served (I’m only counting Grover Cleveland once):

31 have served in some military capacity (reserves, national guard/state militia)

1 served in the Navy as a civilian (FDR – Assistant Secretary of the Navy)

11 have no military service

The highest rank: General of the Armies (Washington – the military considers this a higher rank than Supreme Allied Commander oddly)

The lowest rank: Private (Buchanan)

4 have served in two or more branches: Washington (Virginia Militia, Virginia Regiment, Continental Army); Jackson (Tennessee State Militia, Army); Truman (Army, Army Reserve); Reagan (Army Reserve, Army Air Corp)

Happy Friday!


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