Factual Friday

Revoltionary War shot

Happy Factual Friday! Today is the 238th anniversary of the start of the American Revolutionary War. Quick stats from the war:

Participants: U.S. (British Colonies), France, Spain, Dutch Republic, select Native American tribes vs. Great Britain, loyalists in the U.S., German auxiliaries, select Native American tribes.

Strength: U.S. team: 35,000 Continentals; 44,500 Militia; 5,000 Continental Navy; 53 ships; 12,000 French (in America); approx. 60,000 French & Spanish in Europe.

British team: 56,000 British; 78 Royal Navy; 171,000 British Navy; 30,000 Germans; 50,000 Loyalists; 13,000 Native Americans.

Casualties: U.S. team: up to 50,000 dead and wounded; over 6,000 French & Spanish in Europe; 2,000 French in America.

British team: over 20,000 dead and wounded; 19,740 sailors (1,240 in battle, rest from other causes); 42,000 sailors deserted; 7,554 Germans dead.

On April 19, around 5am, 700 British marched into Lexington, Massachusetts, with the intention of capturing Patriot leaders and the Patriot arsenal. They ran into 77 minutemen lead by Captain John Parker instead. British Major John Pitcairn ordered the Patriots to disperse and after a few minutes, they did. However, the “shot heard around the world” (how many shots have been labeled that?) was fired from an undetermined gun and the rest, they say, is history…

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