Factual Friday

Kettle Creek

Happy Factual Friday! It may be Valentine’s Day but it’s also the 235th anniversary of the Battle of Kettle Creek of the Revolutionary War.

This battle took place in Georgia, a state not first in most people’s minds when they think of the Revolutionary War. In fact, I don’t think it would appear in the top 10.

This was a battle between Patriot forces and a much larger Loyalist militia. Loyalists numbered between 600-800 to the Patriot forces of 300 to 350. Loyalists suffered 40-70 killed and 75 wounded or captured. Patriots suffered 9 killed and 23 wounded. The whole battle took place over a period of less than 2 hours.

The Loyalists lost the battle but Great Britain would take Georgia as a whole by 1780.

Short battles always just shock me so next week’s factual Friday topic: the 10 shortest battles in history.

Have a great weekend!


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