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(Anglo-Zanzibar War – Wikipedia)

So I missed last Friday (sincerest apologies) but before that, I talked about the Battle of Kettle Creek being  so short (whopping 2 hours). So I tried to find something about the 10 shortest battles in history but it turns out that’s rather difficult and will require much more research. But someone has already written on the 10 shortest wars so let’s go with that!

Listverse had a post about the 10 shortest wars in history. I’m going to summarize them here but if you want more than a short summary but less than a book, click here.

1. Anglo-Zanzibar War (1896) – 38-45 minutes (that’s right, in less time than it takes most people to watch 1 drama on TV, a war was fought and won).

2. 6 Days War (1967) – 6 days (just in case you thought the title was misleading)

3. Indo-Pakistani War (1971) – 13 days

4. Serbo-Bulgarian War (1885) – 14 days

5. Georgian-Armenian War (1918) – 24 days

6. Sino-Vietnamese War (1979) – 27 days

7. Greco-Turkish War (1897) – 30 days

8. Second Balkan War (1913) – 32 days

9. Polish-Lithuanian War (1920) – 37 days

10. Falklands War (1982) – 42 days

In case you were wondering (I know I was) where the Persian Gulf War falls, it lasted 6 months. 100 hours after the ground campaign started (there was an initial air campaign), a cease-fire was signed.

I’m not traveling next Friday so we’ll be back – any suggestions for topics is always welcome! Happy Friday!


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  1. Jay says:

    I’d never heard of the Anglo-Zanzibar war, though it does indeed sound like a mismatch. 🙂

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