HMCS St. Croix – Survivor’s Account

Interesting account!

Lest We Forget

I wrote this draft post in September 2009, but I never got around to post it before today.

Full speed ahead!


The sole survivor of the St. Croix, Stoker W. A. Fisher, told his story in a newspaper account:

(Winnipeg Free Press 1 October 1943)

Survivor Of St. Croix Tells Of Destruction


New York, Oct. 1 (Special) The sole survivor of a torpedo attack in the Atlantic, which claimed the lives of 146 Canadian seamen in the sinking of the Canadian destroyer St. Croix during a 10-day running fight with a pack of enemy U-boats, told his story today. He is William Allan Fisher, 23, former Turner Valley, Alberta, oil driller.

Able Seaman Fisher told his story from a British naval receiving station in Brooklyn. He was brought there in a merchant ship which rescued him after his first first rescue ship was sent to the…

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One Response to HMCS St. Croix – Survivor’s Account

  1. Pierre Lagacé says:

    Canada had old American WW I destroyers to defend convoys from the start.

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