Factual Friday

Battle of Avre 2Churchill_IV

The Battle of Avre versus the AVRE tank

Looking up what happened in history today, I read about the Battle of the Avre during World War I (April 4-5, 1918) and came across another reference for AVRE  tanks.

The Battle of Avre started on April 4, 1918 as the final push by the Germans towards Amiens and was the fifth phase of the Battle of the Somme. It took place near the Avre River (hence the name). For the Germans, this was the last of Operation Michael which started on March 18, 1918. This particular battle apparently was the first time in the war when both British and German tanks simultaneously faced each other but I can’t seem to confirm this as multiple sources seem to think it occurred during other battles (very few seem to agree on the battle). However, they all seem to agree it was during World War I so I guess that’s something. I found this unverifiable factoid ironic because the British have a tank called the AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers), which was developed after World War I, although the name doesn’t come from the battle but is really an acronym.

Next week’s Factual Friday topic: history of the tank (who didn’t see that coming?).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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