Factual Friday


Welcome to Factual Friday! Today’s topic: tanks!

I found a pretty great website that talks about tanks – click here to view some facts about this motorized weapon.

First tank used in battle: British Mark I (pictured above): World War I – 1916

Largest tank ever built: German Panzer VIII (pictured below): weighed 207 short tons/185 long tons; 33 1/2 feet long; 12 ft, 2 in long; 11 ft, 11 in tall – only 2 were ever produced in 1944 and only 1 of those completed. Also called Maus (German for “mouse”).


Smallest tank: Tankette (various models) – small armored vehicles that can only hold 1-2 persons. Details vary depending on the maker. Used in World War II (pictured below is the Polish TKS tankette) and continues to be used today.


Happy Friday!



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