Deal Me In 2015: Week 11: “The Ghosts of Budapest and Toronto”


Week 11 and I draw the queen of spades and I’m back to Tamas Dobozy’s Siege 13. This time the story is “The Ghosts of Budapest and Toronto”. Deal Me In is sponsored by Jay at Bibliophilopolis. You can find the general guidelines and my list for this year from this post.

“Ghosts”, a quick read at 22 pages or so, is about Maria, who is abducted from her husband, Laszlo, and small son, Krisztian, by Russian soldiers. She’s assaulted and escapes during the abduction and is rescued by a Hungarian soldier named Bela.

Laszlo looks for Maria and finally, out of desperation when he finally realizes he may never find her, moves with Krisztian to Toronto. Eventually, Laszlo’s brother and sisters and their families follow him to Toronto. Dobozy tells two stories: one of Laszlo’s family and the ghost of Maria that haunts them in Canada. The second of the ghosts of Lazlo’s family that haunt Maria in Hungary.

The two stories start out distinctly separate and become more intertwined as the short story goes on to such an extent that by the time the reader gets to the end, it is indiscernible as to who the ghosts really are or whose life we’ve been following. It seems like this is one of those stories where the reader chooses what to believe and the conclusion. I know what I choose to believe of the story. Has anyone else read this? What were your thoughts and conclusions?

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2 Responses to Deal Me In 2015: Week 11: “The Ghosts of Budapest and Toronto”

  1. W says:

    I would hope that Maria would find her husband and son.

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