Deal Me In 2020 – Week 6


This week I drew the four of spades (apparently, the spades are making their dominance known early on!) which brings me to “The Revolt of ‘Mother'” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and I absolutely loved this story! This is about the Penn family and Sarah “Mother” Penn standing up to her husband after forty years. Her husband Adoniram had promised to build her a nice house the first year they were married and instead has kept building barns and buying more animals while keeping the family in a tiny house on the property. Sarah finally goes crazy (at least the town folk think she has) and puts her foot down and rebels against her husband. I chuckled a number of times and held my breath a couple of times so you know it was enjoyable!

Freeman definitely has a flair for weaving a tale but the writing style in broken old english can be hard to follow (I had to re-read a couple of sentences several times to understand what the characters were saying) but it was easy enough to figure out after a couple of pages. I would highly recommend this story!

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