Deal Me In 2020 – Week 5


This week I drew the nine of clubs which lead me to “The Egg” by Sherwood Anderson. If the first thought that pops into your head is the age-old question “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” then you pretty much have summed up this story. It is told from the point of view of the son and his memory of growing up with his parents and their many endeavors into various businesses including chicken farming and owning a restaurant.

“My tale does not primarily concern itself with the hen. If correctly told it will centre on the egg.” (p. 2).

Anderson’s method of story telling is a bit challenging for the reader. There are times when he seems to be remembering something from his childhood and the reader will struggle to understand how it relates to the overarching story. I honestly thought at some points he was just rambling on and forgot his original purpose of the story. I am still not wholly convinced that was not the case. Overall, I did not enjoy this story as much as I hoped I would so I am rather hoping the next one wipes my memory of this one.

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1 Response to Deal Me In 2020 – Week 5

  1. Dale says:

    This does sound like an interesting premise!

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